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Home of the most nutritious and delicious seitan burger on the market.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to offer you a healthy option for those plant based burger cravings. After introducing a Beastie Burger into your life, you will feel daily nourishment and a satisfying feeling so you never feel hungry. By fueling your body with a Beastie, you will be able realize your full potential towards reaching your health goals.

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We are all about education and knowledge about what nourishes your body and we want you to have an AMAZING plant based alternative to share with your friends. Beastie Burger has less fat and higher protein than leading brands, and absolutely no saturated fat! Yup, spread the word now!

This Seitan burger has multiple flavors to choose from and is the perfect vegan item to add to your BBQ! Which one will you try first?

Our Mission

is to support those who need a healthy alternative and give them a nutritious and delicious option when eating plant based or transitioning to a plant based diet.


0% Saturated Fat | Under 220 Calories | Over 30 grams of protein

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